Why Selling your home yourself is NOT worth the risk.

Dated: January 19 2020

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Ok, I want to talk to you today about "For Sale by Owners!"  Let's get to it!!

Why do some people actually seem to detest Real Estate Agents!?
Salesmen??  Telemarketers?.. Commissions???  

I realize many feel that no one deserves a chunk of the earned equity when they get ready to sell their investment or nest egg. 
But I am here to say there is another way to look at it.
Research has found that 87% of FSB Owner sales ended in litigation.  

Talk to someone that has had to go into litigation. What did that cost you!? Financially, mentally and emotionally.  

And what if I told you statistically that agents get more money for their buyers than FSB owners get for themselves?? 
And if that the case, isn't it good insurance to find a skilled agent to navigate all the legalities, performance dates of the contract to ensure a smooth transaction??

As Real Estate Agents we are licensed and trained to use the 40+ Addendums that go along with the Real Estate Purchase Contract for almost every conceivable scenario.
Still, thinking to sell yourself?? 
Let me ask you some questions. 
1. How much Earnest money should you request and when does it become Non-Refundable?
2. How can you know they Qualify for your home and not tie it up, keep it off the market?
3. What are the Buyers right to Cancel?
4. What if the home doesn't Appraise?
5. How will Objections be handled?
6, What if the Buyer defaults? 
Something to think about. Here is another..........

I have found that there are 4 types of Buyers.
1. The in a hurry, serious Buyer. They have just sold a home or job transferred and need a home now.
2. The serious, not in a hurry Buyer. Usually your First time home buyers.
3. Investment Buyers.
4. Look-e-Lou's
Number one, the Serious, in a hurry Buyer has to move fast. They are not going to be driving all over town looking for, For Sale by Owners. They usually find a Realtor that can narrow down the home search and find them the best deal, asap.
Number 2, the serious but not in a hurry is your first time home buyer. We find they want to work exclusive with a realtor to hold their hand during the entire process.
Number 3, the Investor is only looking to buy at .10 cents on the dollar.
And 4, The Look-e-lue is just that. Not qualified and no realtor would put them in your car. I am sure you have already had your share of people take up your time looking and not even serious to buy.
Does it make sense that the really serious buyers would use a realtor?.. Right!?
When I quiz FSBOs (For sale by owners) The #1 reason to sell themselves is to save money. So you want to save 3%, and the Buyer is using the agent for Free and looking for a deal. Ask yourself one honest question, who do you think has a better negotiation for Savings? As a realtor, this is what I do to earn repeat business and referrals.
But to sell yourself to save the listing side, but pay a Buyers agent, is paying the agent to negotiate against you. That like paying the Lawyer to represent the other party. And statistically, Homes sold by realtors net more money in your pocket. Day one, The listing goes live and will go out to 1,386 agents and their qualified buyers. 

Now that your home has been out there for a while, let's make an appointment. 20 mins an I will show you how I do things totally differently than other agents. If you don't like it, no sweat. But listing with me will control the flow into your home and the time wasted on nonserious buyers and people disrupting your privacy. We will handle every step of the way.
Let me know what works for you and let's get your home SOLD.
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