Southern Utah Parks and Recreation

Dated: May 2 2018

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Southern Utah Parks and Recreation

Well, this post is not going to be so much about real estate and the market, but what draws people to live in our area that we love so much. Southern Utah parks are well known for their recreation. 

I’ve never lived in an area where I can literally spin the bottle 360° and wherever it stopped I could go in that direction and find so many recreational activities from water to hiking to biking and exploring.

That’s one of the things I find when I talk to people when I ask them where they’re from and then the second question is, what brought you here. And so many people just love vacationing here so much, and visiting all the Southern Utah parks, they decided to move here.

I’ve shared the chart that the city of Hurricane did that says;  From Hurricane the compass points to the parks.  A nice visual to all the things that are so close within driving distance of where we live.  It’s all relative.  If you live in St George or Washington or Santa Clara can just adjust the mileage accordingly. 

We have the Silver Reef ghost town or the Grafton ghost town if you like that sort of things.  Tons of petroglyphs and dinosaur tracks.

For water recreation, we have Kolob Reservoir, Gunlock and Sand Hollow, Quail.  

If you want to hike there Kanarraville falls, Snow Canyon, and then of course Zion.

If you like to Camp there’s Brian Head, Cedar Breaks,  Kolob mountains, Pine Valley Mountains, Veyo and at all of the lakes.  There are many places to recreate in one of the many Southern Utah parks within an hour or less drive from where we live. 

And then if you want to venture farther,  we have  Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon which is an hour and a half away from Hurricane.  You’ve got Bryce and then if you want to take a couple extra hours even Moab.  But we are so centrally located in the middle of everything recreational the only thing we don’t have is the ocean, and I can be there in 6 hours from here.

Easy access to Vegas and all there is to do there. I  could write a whole blog about each place I mentioned.

In the winter we have short access to snowboarding and skiing at Brian Head. Tons of Snowmobiling trails.

I moved here in 2002 and I feel like I’m just barely seeing the tip of the iceberg between all of the known tourist places and then all the places that are known mostly to just to locals.  But once you live here and you’ll fall in love with it and all the activities.  we’re really quite diverse with what we have to offer here and if you like sports or you’re an athlete base person we’ve got the Iron Man Triathlon. We’ve got the Huntsman Senior Games,  and  St. George marathon.   In between that all kinds of four-wheeling clubs Mountain biking, horses, rodeo,s paragliding, hot air ballooning. We got it all here.

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