Moving to Utah as a Non-Mormon? Must watch this video

Dated: August 13 2020

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Hello! Its Steven Brown!

So your Thinking about moving to Utah? Wonder about how you will fit in? As of  Nov 1, 2019, Of the 100,000 or so people who moved to Utah in 2018, the census says the top places of origin were: California (18,025 people), Idaho (8,574), Washington state (8,186), Texas (7,528) and Arizona (6,827). 

The Census Bureau estimates that people moved to Utah from every state, except perhaps Vermont. Vermont!? Not sure where Vermont is anyway. 

I am not from Utah. I moved to Utah in 1990 from San Diego. I am also not from San Diego either. Even though I am not from Utah, I am however LDS or Mormon. So I have a slightly different perspective. 

Utah got it's named from one of the many Indian tribes, the Utes, inhabiting the area when the Mormons came. Utes, meaning the people of the mountain. 

Brigham Young led the Pioneers here and landed in the valley in 1847. After that, Utah came to Be from the first Utah Real Estate developer, Brigham Young, who looked over the valley and called the first subdivision, "This is the place"  Heights. 

So as a Real Estate agent in Utah, I can't tell you how many clients after they start the home search and warmed-up and began to trust me, ask me questions like, 

How will my neighbors treat me because I am not Mormon?

Will the people in my neighborhood accept me for being another religion? 

Will my Mormon neighbors try to convert me??

What time is Church? 

What I love about Utah!  The family environment and that comes largely from people who have chosen to call this state home. That's people from all different religions. All races and colors of people from so many countries. That's what makes Utah, Utah. As a State, we are becoming more diverse than ever. 

The population of the Mormons in Utah if barely over 60% as of 2019. As far as race, Utah was 79% white AND 21% minority in 2015 and estimated to be down to 65% in 2025 and minorities increase to 35%

If you are hard-working, family orientated and like green jello, you will fit in just fine. Just kidding about the jello...

So to answer those previous questions....

How will my neighbors treat me because I am not Mormon? If you are good neighbors you will do just fine. We will love you as a great addition.

Will the people in my neighborhood accept me for being another religion? Yes! Mormons of all people ended up in Utah because of religious persecution. 

Will my Mormon neighbors try to convert me?? Maybe, but take that as a compliment because they must like you.

I hope that helped. For more videos like this one, Check out my entire channel about Buying or Selling homes in Utah, 

at Steven Brown Utah Real Estate

Also tune into my previous video, the coolest places to go in Southern Utah.

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