It’s Too Hot!

Dated: December 4 2018

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It’s Too Hot!

I hear that about St George all the time, except for the people that live here and love it. That’s what I hear from people mostly that live up north when I talk to them about moving down here.

So let’s get to it! Is it really too Hot??? I will say I did wait for it to cool down and the snow to hit in Salt Lake City before writing this blog. Easier to push my point when I don’t have sweat dripping down my forehead and the northern Utahn’s are looking for the Anti-freeze and snow shovels.

I get it when they experience a 10-degree temperature increase in a few hours, driving here, where the people that live here acclimated to it slowly over time. But really, is it too hot? Let’s look at the data.

Our hot season lasts for about three and a half months from June 2nd to September 17th with an average daily temperature above 92. The hottest day of the year is about July 11th with an average high of 102 and a low of 76.

Those are the months that the people that live here drawn to the Lakes and rivers, splash pads, water parks. With our reservoirs and lakes we have locally, its a given that water sports during that season are on the calendar along with other summer recreational activities to take advantage of our long summer days. We look forward to the hot summer days. We are no different than the northern Utah residents plan their ski season around the winter weather. I never hear anyone say, “I can’t wait for 3 months for Freezing cold weather!” And just to let you know. We are less than an hour drive to Brian Head Ski resort for Skiing and Cedar Breaks for Snowmobiling. But we can drive back to paradise and leave the snow in the mountains where it belongs.

But what I argue with the people that say, it’s too hot! that comes from the cold weather climate is, how many months of the year are you dodging the cold and the snow, slick roads? Washing road salt off your car and the constant daily chore just to plan a trip to the local grocery store!? Being in the hot summer months in St George doesn’t add to our day, but maybe look for a parking place in the shade, put in your sun visor in your car and run inside to a nice air-conditioned mall or restaurant. But other than that it doesn’t add any work to your day or your drive.

The data for northern Utah says that they’re cold season last 3 months from November 22nd to February 24th with an average daily high temperature below 47 degrees. The coldest days of the year from January 7th with an average low of 23 and a high of 36. That’s just a big job by itself to bundle up, and if you’re a family with little kids it’s really a production. Add that to it, clear the driveway, scrape the windshield and then dodge crazy drivers who don’t know how to drive in the snow. And then if there is an accident and you’re on the freeway you better be glad you visited the restroom and you have enough gas in your tank to keep you warm and keep the engine running. You may be there a while.

St. George does not have the winter inversion, with the gray skies, bad air quality. Blue, blue sky in the winters is therapeutic in my book. Coming from the rainy state of Oregon, I love it here.

I post the same question on Facebook that “It’s too hot!?”, and asked people what their thoughts were on it.

Rich Potter said, “I have been in St George area for over 35 years the great Winters make up for that one scorcher that hits every four to five years plus the scenery and outdoor life is unbeatable around here.”

Rhonda Goodman said, Only 2 months of extreme heat……the rest of the year it is like Spring or Fall. Up north they are only 10-15 degrees cooler and when it is hot there, harder to find relief. Salt Lake is not equipped to handle the higher temps. Rolling power outages often in the summer. When I lived there in the summer, the power went out 3-5 X every summer.

You could be like a lot of my Snowbird clients they take advantage of both sections of the state, wintering in St George and summering up north.

The hottest temperature that we’ve ever had in Utah and was 117 degrees. It’s not hard to guess at the hottest temperature recorded in Utah was in St George where we hit that hundred 17 degrees on July 5th, 1985. But like I said there’s no extra work with the sun and the Heat and you don’t have to shovel sunshine.

My First week living in St. George we had a heat wave of 115 daily for a week in 2002. This last year we had a few 110’s but it doesn’t really matter once you get over 100.

Troy Johnson said sarcastically, “I agree it’s still too hot, stay away, don’t visit here ever.” As if to say we kind of like our small town atmosphere.

Joe Schoney echoed the same. “Let’s just keep saying that. We don’t want too many people to find out its really nice here in the summer, Especially in the mornings and at night”

Lydia Benham my Oregon Classmate said, ”Point of personal comfort, is it’s NEVER TOO HOT?”

My cousin Jeff Brown lives in Dubai, And their hot temperatures are 120-125. They are cooler temps now, only in 80’s-90’s.

So! is it really too hot? Opinions are just that. Mine is not yours or visa- versa, but I think I make a great argument that along with my Facebook friends that St George is a great place to live.

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