How do you think your Agent should Market your home?

Dated: October 10 2019

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Listing your home just on the MLS (Multi Listing Service) to all active agents and their qualified buyers is old school. 

In the old days, the Real Estate agent would research homes on the MLS using the criteria or Wants and Wishes list from their clients. Then tell the Buyers which homes they are going to go see.

Nowadays the consumer is taking the search into their own hands. With everything on the Internet, when the Buyer decides on the homes they want to see, they come armed with a list of homes they want the agent to get them into. 

So the importance of First Impression is very important.

Most agents use a quality photographer and pictures of the home listed. After walking through a half dozen the Buyers quickly get convoluted into a mass mush in their buying brain. 

What sets you apart.

The Virtual walk-thru video has 2 bonuses.

1. It gives a buyer a quick walk-thru and layout of the property and makes it easier to remember.

2. If the layout is a no-go then you have just eliminated a waste of everyone's time sending the Seller away to give the buyers privacy to look and the time to travel there because you saw on the video that it doesn't work for you.

And with a drone video, you can see the beautiful scenic area your home is set in. With more buyers from out of state shopping online, this is a huge advantage.

Click this link to see what I am talking about.

This is a little added effort that you don't get with the turn and burn, low commission agents that work on volume and not quality. 

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