Don't Overpay for Your Southern Utah Home

Dated: April 15 2020

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Hey, its Steve with the Steven Brown Utah Real Estate team at Red Rock Realty.

This is a follow-up video to the one I just did about interviewing a Listing agent and the questions everyone should ask before listing your home with anyone.

Now on the Buyers sides questions?? 

If someone from my family was in an area I couldn't represent them, these are the questions I would have them ask before I signed on with any agent.

How do I know you have my best interest and not just Selling me any home?  

How will I know the home I like is worth the price offered?  

How will I know its a sound, solid home? 

How do I know you have my best interest and not just Selling me any home?

You know, I can create a commission on any piece of junk home out there, But I will tell you, more than a few times 

I have told my clients to walk away from a home they were falling in love with.


If the home is surrounded by ghetto neighbors or an older dilapidated neighborhood.  Or homes built with sketchy construction materials. With a construction background, I look at homes with different eyes.

If any of the issues I mentioned are present, it will not appreciate in value and I am looking down the road and the big picture when you think of upgrading or downsizing.   

Believe me when I say there are not any commission worth my Integrity.

How will I know the home I like is worth the price offered? 

First, we will check to see what the most recent homes in the area have sold for.

2nd we will get a home appraisal to make sure we don't overpay. and

3rd I can usually, find out about the seller's motivation to sell and negotiate a lower offer.

How will I know its a sound, solid home? 

We will have a qualified Home Inspector do a thorough inspection from the roof and in the attic to under the sink and foundation with lots of details and pictures. They can use thermal imaging to see if there is a leak in the wall or missing insulation. They can tell from the draw of power in an AC unit if it's on its last leg. PSI on a water heater and plumbing...

Way more than I can cover here, but totally thorough. And to cap it off we will negotiate the Seller to pay for a 1 year home warranty on any unforeseen items that neither Buyer nor Seller was aware of.

In the end,  Buying is a much bigger process than I have covered here. But I will tell you there is NOTHING that is NOT my job. After you move in you may need referrals for different vendors and subs.

I am here for the entire job. Just go to my website and read my reviews. And then call me.


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