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Dated: 04/13/2020

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Hey, its Steve with the Steven Brown Utah Real Estate Team at Red Rock.

In this fast-changing world, you deserve an agent that can adapt. Not just to the market as to whether its a Buyers market or Seller's market. Like learning new vocabulary and phrases;

Social distancing

Flatten the curve

Self Isolation

Nasal Swab

Working through World events like 911- the Great Recession and now the Covid-19 virus.

You deserve to know how will this change how we communicate with our Clients?........  

Our Buyers?

Our Sellers?

How do we do business when we are all in some state of self-quarantine?? What alternatives do we have?

And how does the Coronavirus change how we do business as agents with our Brokerages,

 Title, and escrow and with other agents to close on your home??

First, find an agent who is established online. 

Marketing, Videos and mastering all the social media to List and Sell your home. 

If you haven't noticed, the major newspapers are done, they have been on life support for years and basically they are old news, and coupons. How we do business has changed? Have you?

In the 21st century, most commodities are bought and sold online. That includes homes. We literally live in the digital age and everything is done online. 

We have online teleconferencing and training. Facetime, mobile video options and more. For us older guys, it's the Jetsons.  Talking face to face with someone literally 100's or thousands of miles away on our computer or smartphone is the new normal. We can do an Electronic document signing. 

And if your not technically savvy, We can also become the Uber-Grub hub delivery service you never had. 

For Selling.... your home we can control the flow into your home buying using Virtual walk-thru video. And if you haven't seen my video "Sell your Home Fast" see the links below.

We provide a multitude of High-quality pictures. This will eliminate the buyers that see things they don't want and are a deal killer before they take up our time, and get the buyers that love it, in it. 99% of communication can be online and electronically.

For Buying.... We can actually preview homes for you if needed. Keep exposure and travel to a minimum.  And the same with Sellers, a high amount of Documents can be done online and keep social distancing intact.

Is the Virus going to stop the Real Estate Market?? It may become a hiccup. But families still need to buy and sell because of job transfers. Families are still growing and need to upsize. 

Seniors and Widows are preparing for the change of Life situations, moving closer to family or in assisted living.

Interest rates are still historically low. 

This is short term and not economically driven as much as it was created by a virus and not direct market conditions.

If you know someone that needs to see this video, please Like, share and subscribe. 

Then call me about your unique situation in Listing or Buying a home.

Links; How to Sell your home fast

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