Buying in Pandemic times

Dated: 04/13/2020

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Hey everybody its Steven Brown. 

In this video, we will talk about the Process of Buying in a Pandemic Safe Environment!

I want to do a follow up to the last video about the "Corona Market Update"

If you haven't seen it click on the link below or go to my YouTube Channel. CORONA MARKET UPDATE. In there I talked about hiring an agent that can adapt to different and changing markets.

Not just whether it's a  Buyers or Seller's market, but markets evolving in the 21st Century and how People shop for homes now.

How about now, Being in different stages of Self Quarantine. How do we do business?? This isn't the Rodeo and we just try to give it our best 8 seconds. This is about evolving our own business to be your Best Real Estate Agent.

Right now we are experiencing different stages of reactions to the Pandemic. 

Some are stockpiling water. 

Some are hoarding water. 

Where are you with all this craziness??

So here it is! Clients and Customers are asking if we are still open for Business?   


Can we show Homes?   


Can we do Open Houses? 


So what are the precautions!?  That's what I am going to tell you in this video and in the end, 

I am going to share with you how to put your home in the top number of views and max exposure.

So you are a buyer and want to see a home. How does that look? For 1,  we drive separately to the showing. 

Fist bump or awkward elbow bump. I will open the door to enter and you go in, in stealth mode, hands in pockets or gloves on. No touching, feely stuff. We don't need to go full-on Hazmat suit up. But we will have glove, masks and Hand sanitizer and wipes. Before you enter the home we can have the owner turn on all lights, open doors to rooms an closets and pantries. 

We walk thru, don't touch anything and upon leaving the agent can lock up and wipe off the door handles upon locking the door. If that doesn't work, I can go alone and shoot a video or do face time. 

I can take a tape measure for room measurements and do some real-time or prerecorded tour for you.

For the clients that are Listing with me, We are going to do a Matterport 360 virtual 3d video walk-thru

that the customer controls the walkthrough and views what's important to them. 

Are homes still being Listed and Sold?  


150 homes Closed in the last 2 weeks. Yes!!, But those were already in Contract before this Pandemic got bad, you say!

OK! Here is what I have seen In the last 2 weeks. In Washington County.....236 New Listings went on the market and 52 of them are already in Contract.

People are still dealing with job transfers, 

Upsizing growing family, 

downsizing and yes, deaths. 

Seniors making the change of life going into the Assisted Living.

Just remember this situation is not an economic pattern. 

Brian Buffini the Nations's top Real Estate Agent and Coach said that Real Estate business is the strongest business in this economy, unlike 2009.

So I said I would tell you how to list your home and get the top number of views. 

1st you need to Maximize Exposure. 

2nd  Watch my Video " 3 things to Sell your Home Fast!"

3rd, Call me!

Links: Corona Virus Market Update

3 things to Sell your home FAST!

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