Thinking of Selling your home??

Dated: January 11 2021

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So you're thinking about selling your home!? It could be for several reasons.

You're up-sizing because your family's growing or your downsizing or you're looking at becoming an empty nester. Then there are Job transfers or financial hardships. Maybe that change of life, where you need to move and be closer to family or moving to an assisted living.

Either way, I'm going to give you the general outline of what it happens to sell and list your home.

But first, Congratulations!

It's not always easy to pull the trigger to make that decision.I have quite a few clients that have “Dog chasing the car, syndrome” They want to sell but once they caught the car (decide to sell)they don't know what's next or the fear of the unknown causes them to step back into their comfort zone.

The first step, is to talk to a trusted agent. Either way, you've researched real estate agents or you've gotten a referral from a friend and you called for the first contact, the listing appointment.

Your agent will inform you If it's a Sellers or Buyer's market. The best strategy for the current market. At that appointment the agent can sit down with you he's going to ask you what your goals are and your situation. Where you are moving and timeline. 

Normally this is the time I like to take a few minutes and have you give me a tour of the home, see things that are important to you. What you think should be showcased as far as a selling features and then get the details and add them to an input form, the details about your home.

The discussion kind of evolves to where we can talk about price strategy, and marketing strategy. Please watch my video, “Pricing strategy”

If all in agreement from there you and I will sign a contract which is called the Exclusive Right to Sell contract.

It gives me permission to put your house on the market (MLS) and on social media print flyers, hold Open Houses, and whatever else that is working the best for your area.

I will schedule a photographer to come and take high-quality photos and sometimes drone video. After that, we decide on a launch date for your listing to hit the MLS, the multi-listing service so you can be prepared for prospective buyers to come to your home.

I require a prospective buyer's agent to call for an appointment and make sure that works with your schedule.

NO one should ever come to your home unannounced. And no agent will take up your time with buyers who are not qualified to buy your home.

Questions that my clients actually have is Will you are with the people that come to see my home?”     No!

Just because the agent showing the home wants to have the freedom to for them to be able to speak freely with their clients about what they like and don't like.

They don't want the homeowner there or the Selling agent there. Not to worry, with the Realtor lockbox or Supra key, it will send me a notification by text and email that tells me of every agent who is entering your home.

I want to keep this video focused on the process of selling, but once we get a home into contract I have another video called, “You have an Offer, now what!?” That video will outline what's expected to the Seller and what's expected of the Buyer with a detailed timeline for both parties to execute a clean contract.

With a normal 30-40 day escrow, you will be settling on the sale of your home and heading for new adventures.

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Thinking of Selling your home??

So you're thinking about selling your home!? It could be for several reasons.You're up-sizing because your family's growing or your downsizing or you're looking at becoming an empty nester.

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